Sexual Assault On Campus Essay

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Sexual assault on campus Sexual assault is a crime; it is, specifically in your first 2 years of college. The result of being sexually assaulted can be physically, emotionally any sexual act that is perpetrated against someone’s will. Rape, sexual abuse, unwanted touching, or forceful sexual intercourse, are all considered sexual assault. Sexual assault takes place everywhere but mostly on campuses. Although men can also be sexually assaulted, statistics show 99% of men are the perpetrators (Campus Safety). Some of the major contributions of rape are alcohol and drug use, men that play aggressive sports are more likely to be sexually aggressive toward females and being sexually assaulted before increases your chances of being assaulted…show more content…
The mental effect for survivors can be severe. Students in college go to further their education and start their adult lives; nobody assumes they will be a victim of sexual assault. After being sexually assaulted it will take time for the victim to set apart assault and consensual sex. Post-traumatic stress such as depression, mood swings, sleepless nights and nervousness are common consequences for the victim. Depression can eventually develop into suicidal thoughts. Although that horrifying scene will never be permanently deleted from their lives; victims can recover with support from family and friends, by seeking justice and receiving…show more content…
Appetite loss, overeating, and not eating at all are consequences. Some survivors deal with the horrible tragedy by coping with food. Self-esteem, depression, feeling of lack of control in life, anger and difficulty with dealing are all factors that can advance to eating disorders. Anorexia is a disorder used to describe when an individual starves themselves, and has an unrealistic weight loss goal. It can be a deadly disorder if not resolved soon. Bulimia is also a general cause of sexual assault. Bulimia just like anorexia is life threatening; except bulimia is when a person overeats and cannot stop. There are successful treatments and therapy to improve this behavior. Psychological counseling and hospital care are provided. Rape and assault leave physical results on the victim. Severe pain and injury are common, physical and emotional bruises can be extremely damaging. Beating the victim and being violent are common in rape cases. The physical damage left on the victim can be short-term or long term depending on the circumstances. Long term damage can include difficulties as the victim gets older such as heart disease, chronic pain, and arthritis. Sexually transmitted diseases is also a long term
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