Sexual Assault In College Campus Essay

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Sexual Assault on College Campus Cause and Effect Essay In general, rape means force or threatening to use force to a potential victim. It includes vaginal but doesn’t exclude other forms such as, anal and oral penetration. Rape tends to get grouped with women but, there are also men who get victimized as well. It’s not limited to heterosexuals either there’s also homosexual offenders (“Sexual Assault”). It is very common and it usually goes unsolved (Triffin). Here is a cause and three effects that helps prove this is an important issue. The highest cause of sexual assault on college campus is alcohol use. Alcohol decreases a person’s ability to fight off an attack. It also can make the attacker more aggressive and unable to clearly interpret the victims’ interest in them sexually (“Alcohol Use”). In the research article Alcohol Use Increases the Risk of Sexual Assault, “A study of sexual assault victims – half of whom were college students – found that women who were drinking when an assault took place reported that their intoxication made them take risks they would normally avo...
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