Sexual Assault

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According to the Australian Institute of Family Studies (2012) sexual assault remains one of the most unreported crimes and still remains one of the highest causes of abuse to women. This is the case for Mrs Valdez, a 36 year old mother of three, who was sexually assaulted after being drugged with rohypnol whist celebrating her birthday with friends and family. The increasing prevalence of sexual assault involving drugs, nursing management and communication strategies, procedures for collecting evidence and potential mental health implications of PTSD will discussed and addressed in this essay. The Prevalence of Drugs in Sexual Assault Studies have found there to be an increasing prevalence in the use of drugs in sexual assault. Alcohol and other drugs are being used as weapons to facilitate sexual assault in Australia and in other countries. This is done by the undetected ‘spiking’ of the victim’s drinks in order to incapacitate them, this is typically done at a bar or party (Sturman 2000). Drugs misused this way include prescription drugs such as Rohypnol, which is prescribed in Australia for insomnia, as well as illegal drugs such as GHB (gamma-hydroxybutyrate), a steroid used by body builders (Sturman 2000). The Australian Bureau of Statistics (2005) says 1.6% (126,100) of women experienced an incident of sexual violence. Of those women 81% (101,600) experienced an incident of sexual assault and 28% (34,900) experienced a threat of sexual assault. 22% (22,100) of women had experienced sexual assault by a stranger in the most recent incident, 21% (21,500) by a previous partner, 39% (39,700) by a family member or friend and 32% (32,500) by another known person (Australian Bureau of Statistics 2005). It was found in a study by... ... middle of paper ... ...://>. Pandora’s Project 2009, PTSD & Art Therapy, viewed 31 March 2012, . Sexual Assault Center for Pierce County 2012, Sexual Assault Impact on Others: Secondary Victims, viewed 31 March 2012, b_pages/friends.htm>. Smith, M & Segal, J 2011, Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), viewed 31 March 2012, tment.htm>. Sturman, P 2000, Drug assisted sexual assault; A study for the Home Office under The Police Research Award Scheme, viewed 31 March 2012,>. Tiziani, A 2009, Harvard’s Nursing Guide to Drugs, 8th edn, Elsevier, NSW.

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