Sexual Abuse on Children

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Sexual abuse on children is becoming more known in the United States as the years go on. The number of reports and children involved in these reports are shocking and disturbing. According to National Child Abuse Statistics (2013), three million reports a year are being reported with six million children involved in these child abuse cases in the United States, with 9.1 percent of those cases being sexual abuse. Children are being sexually abused in one or more ways and the warning signs can help save these children to prevent the after effects of the sexual abuse brought on by their offenders. The United States has some of the worst statistics when it comes to child abuse. “It is currently estimated that one-third of all children are sexually abused before the age of 18” (Bogorad, 1998). Of these sexually abuse children most of them know their offender. Usually it is a family member or someone close to the family that is abusing the child. According to Bogorad (1998), “more 70 percent of offenders are immediate family.” This is the main reason why most children do not tell someone about being sexually abuse. They know the offender, love the offender, or do not want to get the offender in trouble. “The sexual abuse offender are usually male” (Bilginer, Hesapçıoğlu, and Kandil, 2013). This is a common known fact, but women also sexually abuse children, just most as much as men do. Most sexually abused children are girls, yet boys are still targeted, just not as much as girls. “One in four women are sexually abused [whereas] most professionals believing that 1 in 10 men and perhaps as many as 1 in 6 are sexually abused as children” (Definitions, scope, and effects of child sexual abuse, n.d). The reason professionals do not know th... ... middle of paper ... ... 55-64. doi:10.5350/DAJPN2013260106 Bogorad, B. E. (1998). Sexual abuse: Surviving the pain. In American academy of experts in traumatic stress. Retrieved November 14, 2013, from Definitions, scope, and effects of child sexual abuse (n.d.). In U.S. department of health and human services. retrieved November 23, 2013, from National child abuse statistics (2013). In childhelp. retrieved November 23, 2013, from Types of sexual violence (2009). In RAINN. retrieved November 14, 2013, from Understanding child sexual abuse (2013). In American psychological association. Retrieved November 25, 2013, from
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