Sexual Abuse in Children

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I know they will judge him, but I want someone out there to realize that my brother was scared and did the only thing he knew how to. My brother was just as badly raped and tortured as the other girls he had raped. My father sexually and physically abused my brother. I shared a room with my brother and I know for a fact what my brother had endured growing up. I know my father tied my brother up, beat him with belts, burned him and anything else you can think of that qualifies as torture I'm pretty sure covers it. I just turned seven two months ago and my brother had just turned eleven a week ago. My brother came into the bathroom, but he was very quiet. I think the only thing he said to me was, "I'm going to have sex with you tonight." This shocked me and scared me, because from what my brother had told me, sex hurt the first time. Well after my bath my brother got me dressed and carried me to our room. He sat me on the bed and told me to strip. I was a bit shy but, nonetheless I stripped (Anonymous. 2011). Children that are a part of a family where violence and sexual abuse is exhibited often will pass this behavior onto their offspring; this comes out of bad habits and example of violence and sexual abuse. Considering this is something the child is exposed to often, would seem reasonable to expect it will continue on when consistently expose to this type of behavior. This will be something the children would endure until an intervention happens. In having an intervention it would have to focus on teaching the children that the violence they have been exposed to where not healthy for them and the type of life style they would wish to have in the future. It must be kept in mind that, we can make the assumption that children... ... middle of paper ... Lundy, M., & Massat, C. R. (unpublished manuscript). Previous victimization of nonoffending parents in cases of intrafamilial sexual abuse Retrieved June 21, 2011 from 99f140ebdc04%40sessionmgr111&bdata=JnNpdGU9ZWhvc3QtbGl2ZQ%3d%3d#db=aph&AN=24228880 Power.D Working with non-offending parents Retrieved June 21, 2011 from Understanding and Treating Sexual Abuse Retrieved June 21, 2011from Child Welfare Information Gateway Year Published: 2010 Retrieved June 21, 2011 from
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