Sexual Abberations

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In Freud’s view, we all have a sexual desire that needs to be found and fulfilled. As soon as we are born, we try to find ways to please ourselves. He believes that the act of sex should not be shunned, but instead it should be accepted as a natural part of life. According to Freud, sexual aberrations are the result of our upbringing and our dissatisfied infantile sexuality.
Around the time Nazis were persecuting homosexuals, Freud seemed fairly sympathetic towards the homosexuals. He believes that we are all born attracted to men and women but as the result of our upbringing, we can become either heterosexual or homosexual. Freud does not think that homosexuals’ sexual preference is their fault; instead he believes is either due to stunted growth of the genitals or their own upbringing. People from both sexual orientations look forward to the opposite sex qualities. “The inverted man, like the woman, succumbs to the charms emanating from manly qualities of body and mind; he feels himself like a woman and seeks a man” (Freud). While homosexuals desire the same anatomic sexual partner, they too want their partners to possess qualities of the opposite sex. In order to explain homosexuality, he coins the term “inverts”. It seems like he feels terrible labelling the homosexuals into a negative group. To him, homosexuals are the result of by standing factors. The abnormality in the upbringing of homosexuals can be traced back to the time when their parents were trying to toilet train them. The nervousness to start a new habit might promote the children to retain their fecal matter. When children “hol[d] back of fecal masses until through accumulation there result violent muscular contractions...the pain this must produce also a sensati...

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...ave sex as an adult. Kissing in foreplay brings back memories that are stored in the back of our minds and fuels an increased pleasure. Even though we suffer from infantile amnesia, the sexual feelings we experience during our infancy continues into our adulthood. The removal of pleasure earlier or later than its peak can cause a disturbance in their adult sexual life. According to Freud, sex is part of our life and our childhood instincts prepare us for the real experience. Even though people who suffer from sexual aberrations were affected by their childhood, they have found their unique sexual attractions. These tailored sexual attractions are normal and are determined by their upbringing, not by their choice.

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