Sexism In Beowulf, The Movie, And The Film

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Beowulf the movie released in 2007, is a motion capture animated-fantasy film based on the Old English epic poem, Beowulf. Beowulf is an Old English epic poem consisting of 3182 alliterative lines. The poem focuses on Beowulf who sets himself to embark journeys or adventures in dealing with evil. The poem and the movie is about Beowulf who has journeys where he fights evil. The movie Beowulf and the book Beowulf are mostly different in feminist theory and the plot, but tends to have some similarities.
Feminist theory is mostly different from the book than the movie. In the poem there was nothing about sexuality nor sexism. But had the same concept of feminist theory in the portray of social class and equality. In Beowulf the movie there is
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He defeats Grendel and Grendel’s mother comes to the Hall angrily and disrupt the feast of the celebration of the defeat of Grendel. That same day the attack Beowulf goes to Grendel’s mother’s layer and starts a battle. Beowulf ultimately defeats her and he heads back to his home, Gates. He is given land and is king after Hygelac dies from a battle. Beowulf becomes king and danger lurks when a servant awakens a dragon because he took a gem-covered goblets. Dragon and Beowulf fight and both of them die, and his people worship his heroic deeds.However, In the Movie differences from the poem is that Grendel’s Mother does not die. And Beowulf stays in Danes and become king, when Hrothgar commits suicide. After Grendel dies, Beowulf goes to her territory,he does not fight her, but instead he gives in to her seduction. They create a dragon and Beowulf is cursed and cannot live a happy life. Years pass the dragon has a disrupted the land of Danes. Beowulf fights his own son and they both die. And Grendel’s mother lives on. The Similarities from the movie and poem is that Beowulf went to Danes to help end the terrorizing attacks from Grendel. Beowulf gravely hurt Grendel, causing him to die. And Beowulf and the dragon both die. The Differences in the movie and poem, is the relationship of Grendel’s mother to Beowulf. Grendel 's mother does not die and they produce a dragon, which

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