Sexism Essay

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Since the beginning of time, sexism has been a prominent barrier between the genders. Women may have the same political rights, however they are still degraded and seen as inferior to men. So, women in politics are now trying to prove that they are just as capable as men are. However, their attempts are being suppressed due to the inappropriate comments against them. Sexist remarks in the media against female political candidates is the reason why there is a smaller amount of women in government. The most adequate of women are being scared away from the political race because of the sexist attacks against women in government. The most suitable women look at past candidates and witness the attacks on them and choose to avoid the political race. For example, Hillary Clinton, former Secretary of State, U.S. Senator, and First Lady of the United States, was called a scold, a tank, and a lousy mother. Anne Kornblut, an American journalist for the Washington Post says there is a chance that a women will be elected into the White House soon, but the evidence proves otherwise. When interviewed by Kornblut, former Secretary of State, Condoleezza Rice states, "I, frankly, think we crossed the bar on African-Americans quite some time ago. I'm not sure we've crossed it on women," showing her concern about the sexism against women politicians. Many women in America are capable and sufficient of being apart of T a i t 1! the political race or any form of government official, however these women notice the race is unfair and discriminating to women, so they avoid joining. The bar between men and women in politics is not set equally. Women candidates in the political race have won a handful close primaries, however some of those few races were f... ... middle of paper ... ...remarks against women political candidates is causing a unfair and corrupt system in government. Jehmu Green said, "Sexism against women in the media has become normalized and accepted in a way that they would not be if the comments were racist. It dramatically affects women candidates," stating that sexism remarks have been allowed even though it affects women candidates greatly. Sexist comments can be easily dismissed, but instead they take on a unnecessary amount of weight. Anne Kornblut states, "If the current talk radio and cable TV culture is a true window on our national psyche, we are one bunch of sick piggies, folks," expressing her disgust of how regularly women candidates are attacked with sexist remarks. The time is now to change the way America views female government officials so that the land of freedom can truly be free and begin to prosper once more.
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