Sex in the Media

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Sex in the Media

In the media, sex has evolved over the years. Now, more than ever sex

is at its peak in the media. In today's society, the young are able to

view sex in daytime television and learn from the promotion of sex in

the media. In this essay, we will explore the options of where we

learn about sex, places we see sex, how sex influences our lives, and

the importance of improving sex education in teens.

Growing up in the 21st century, sex is all around. Most teens learn

about sex from their friends. In a survey four out of every five teens

say that they learned about sex from their friends. Teens see their

friends as the most accessible form of information, because they can

learn from their past experiences. Across America, books of sex are

being read by curious teens. Some of these books include, "The Sex

Chronicles," by Zane "Sex," by Zane "The Coldest Winter Ever," by

Sister Solijah and the list goes on and on. In these books, there are

readings about fantasies and acknowledge acts of sex. On television,

the message of sex is displayed as romantic and spontaneous. As stated

in "Sexuality, Contraception, and the Media" an article published by

the American Academy of Pediatrics, it is said that, "On 'MTV' 75% of

music videos involve sexual imagery"(298). Magazines, music videos,

television shows, and movies essentially give a message to the viewer

that sex to be should be spontaneous and free in order to be

fulfilling. Even in films, sex is displayed in action. Films such as

"Cruel Intentions," "Love and Basketball," and "American Pie" display

a form of sex; whether it being their first time or another

experience. In m...

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