Sex and Marital Quality

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Also, if someone were to have sex with just more than one person during their adolescence then they have a higher chance of having their marital quality going down and then divorcing. “They are unlikely to remain sexually exclusive and, therefore, likely to divorce” (Paik, 2011, p. 474). These are the people that even if they are married and seem happy to just be having sex with just that one person, they will still go out and decide to have an extramarital relationship with someone and then break the trust that the person that they married gave them. This person then might not tell their spouse about their extramarital relationship and then their spouse might find out later down the line and it might have become much worse then what it had been when the person just had just had the extramarital relationship. The other thing that is kind of required to help with to help with marital quality and stability is that both partners must have marital satisfaction. If both partners in the relationship want to have really good marital quality and good marital stability then they must be able to be satisfied with their marriage. There are people that are not satisfied with their marriage and this is when you find one or both of the partners participating in extramarital relationships. “...Men and women assess their marriages in different ways” (Rhyne, 1981, p. 947). Women might become more satisfied with a marriage if their husband happens to help out more with what the wife wants at that point in time. Men are more satisfied with just the normal everyday things that happen. They do not want to have to do anymore than they already do. Women have it in their mind that their husband should really help them out around the house. “For both ... ... middle of paper ... ...s as it showed that marital quality and stability must be pretty high for two people to want to stay together. The findings also supported the theoretical perspective, because life is always undergoing change and if someone were to find that one person where they did not want to change anything then their marital stability and quality will remain pretty high. Though if they were to have problems in their marriage then it would support the theoretical perspective even more as it would be very conflicting for these people to remain in the marriage and they would probably divorce. Premarital sex can lead to many things, with marital quality becoming one of the things that need to be kept high, but if one or both of the partners were to think that the marital quality between them was not high enough they would then get a divorce as it would be the best idea for everyone.

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