Sex Trafficking Research Paper

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Is Sex Trafficking on the Rise in America? Slavery has been abolished since the 13th Amendment in 1865. Yet, we are still very well aware that each year there are millions of victims in America alone without a voice that hasn’t been heard yet, and they are being sold into slavery every single year. So, is sex trafficking on the rise in America? Sex trafficking is on the rise in America because it is estimated that possibly millions of people are forced in the sex trade industry each year in the world, approximately 80 percent, are young girls and women, and 30 percent are forced into labor. Human Sex Trafficking is a very common form of modern-day slavery in today’s world. How it starts is a quite simple process. A person, usually with a troubled past, looks for comfort. Initially, the victim would run into a pimp, who is known as a recruiter for trafficking, who shows affection and cares for them. Along with the victim, seeing nothing wrong with this person, and goes into their care. From henceforth, what seems like a simple care-giving good samaritan soon turns into street prostit...
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