Sex Trafficking: A Global Epidemic

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Although slavery and sex/human trafficking is not a topic that neither makes it in the daily headlines of the news nor, is consider the latest trend, or an epidemic for that matter. This epidemic is here to stay, affecting us world wide, becoming almost an infestation, affecting every country in the world but specially our “perfect” society. It is so wide that it can no longer be swap under the rug, pretending and ignoring that it does not exist. In the fall of 2000, I received a dose of reality about slavery and sex/human trafficking. It was 5:00 am, Wednesday morning; I was home taking care of my three-day old infant. Suddenly, I heard a loud noise in my front door; my dog was barking. I opened the door and realized that FBI agents, police officers as well as immigration officers, surrounded my quiet cul-de-sac. A FBI agent instructed me to close my door and keep my dog quiet. I went to a window to find out what was happening. Then I realized that my neighbor’s home was surrounded. Later that morning, I found out that my neighbor, a family from Ghana, had a 14-year-old girl who was being used and abuse as a slave. This fourteen year old girl had entered this country with an illegal visa. She was brought to the United States with the false pretence of building a new life; go to school and work to send money back to her family. Her responsibilities were, to clean the house and do light cooking plus offer companionship for my neighbor’s children. In returned for her duties and responsibilities, she supposed to receive a salary, as well as to go to school. Instead, she was abuse physically, verbally, and emotionally, was not paid for the labor she provided nor, w... ... middle of paper ... ... is very accessible to predators who continue to be in the look out for vulnerable powerless women and children. If the internet is use to commit such horrific crimes against humanity, it should also be use as a tool to educated people around the world to be aware of those who are willing to sell children to make a profit. I also think that women and children who fall into the trap of human trafficking are considered victims, because what they do is out of their control. These children and women did not choose to live this lifestyle. Toughness laws need to be incorporate to make these predators pay for the injustice they are committing against women and children all over the world. Labeling victims wore, worthless, garbage, and dirt is like being victimize all over again. After all they have experiencing so much abuse, which in many cases breaks their spirits.
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