Sex Offender Laws and Wrongful Convictions

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Sex Offender Laws and Wrongful Convictions

The laws for sex offenders should be changed for many reasons. This is a very controversial subject, and tempers flare easily and often for good reason. Due to the plethora of opinions on this subject it is hard to determine what is right and what is wrong.

The very same government sending teenagers to school together as a group and teaching them about safe sex is the same government that is bringing charges against them for practicing sex.

Not only that but they are labeling them as sex offenders for the rest of their lives. How confusing this must be to the young people of America today. So many young people are finding this out the hard way by being accused of a sex offense for being with a person of their own age group, their peers. Consensual sex by teenagers experimenting is an activity that is labeled by most states as sexual assault, statutory rape and/or child sexual abuse. This felony crime, in most states, is also accompanied by registering as a sex offender for the rest of a person’s life if convicted.

Growing up in the 60’s, it was common and acceptable for a sixteen year old to date a nineteen or twenty year old. It is a good thing these laws were not in effect then, because most of the young people being accused today would have never been born. Their parents would either still be in jail or unable to afford to have children due to the fact that a registered sex offender cannot find decent paying employment. “No one will hire a person labeled a sex offender no matter what the situation, clearly a violation of human rights.” (Laurie Peterson July 27th 2007)

Federal legislation expanded the release of criminal records reports under the fair credit reporting...

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