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The epidemic of sex trafficking has become bigger than some ever knew. Most people are unaware that this horrific way of life is so prevalent not only in other countries, but right in their hometown. Since 2007, the National Human Trafficking Resource Center hotline has received reports of 14,588 sex trafficking cases inside the United States. These numbers have increased in the past few years and it is shocking how those who are in the industry are still getting away with it. Many social problems line the streets and neighborhoods in the United States. Most often those social problems are visible to the human eye as one simply walks down the street. Sex trafficking is unique in the unfortunate reality that it can so often happen without people …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that the epidemic of sex trafficking has become bigger than some ever knew. many individuals and organizations are raising up to put an end to this appalling social problem.
  • Explains that sex trafficking is a modern day slavery that takes the lives of numerous women and men all over the united states.
  • Explains that sex trafficking began in the 1400s in africa and other countries during the slave trade. it moved to places like thailand, india and many more.
  • States that the international agreement for the suppression of the white slave traffic was drafted in 1902 to prevent the procuration of women and girls for immoral purposes abroad.
  • Explains that the united nations recognized the undeniable amount of sex trafficking in many countries including the us where they defined laws and acts against it.
  • Explains that a trooper stopped the men and two female companions after they were pulled over for speeding on the parks highway. the 19-year-old victim stated that she had been trafficked by standifer and williams for approximately one year.
  • Opines that sex trafficking is abominable, detestable and needs to be stopped.
  • Opines that it is dumbfounding and saddening to see one of the largest public events in our nation having such statistics in trafficking, let alone any.
  • Explains that the symbolic interactionism theory is based off of symbols and meanings, and sex trafficking has been the same concept for quite some time. in the us, pimps take initiative to show their ownership of the girls.
  • Analyzes how sex trafficking fits into the structural functionalism perspective, which means society is a set of connected parts.
  • Explains the conflict perspective, which is a view of how the elite will control the lower class. this can be seen in sex trafficking.
  • Opines that the feminism perspective on situations and society would mean that women want to be higher than the men. this perspective in relation to sex trafficking would be sought after as all the girls and us as a society desire for these men to treat women as equals.
  • Explains that sex trafficking is a severe issue in alaska, and the impact it has on society in cities and states is extreme.
  • Explains that women can fall into sex trafficking, including false marriage proposals from men who plan to sell them into bondage.
  • Explains that pimps prey on young women and girls by finding their weakness and then exploiting it.
  • Explains that the polaris project reported that a pimp who had three young women and girls in his "stable" was bringing back $500 every day.
  • Narrates how they were forced into prostitution as a 14-year-old, and when he came into their life, they had no idea the "family" meant themselves and three other girls. they blamed themselves instead of being angry.
  • Analyzes the story of a girl who was forced to earn for her pimp. she was scared and didn't know how she got to this place. hundreds of thousands are being affected yearly.

Each pieces has a way it interrelates to another part. The way that sex trafficking fits into this perspective is how it creates a circle. For example, the process starts with a girl who gets associated with a pimp. The pimp will typically have a place of residency or building that the girls live in. This could also be the place where men go to “buy” the girl for a night. That means the girl must be willing (will oftentimes be forced to take drugs) to provide whatever the man may desire. This route of repetitiveness could continue for days, months and even years if the captor does not get caught. Another perspective is called the Conflict perspective. It comes mostly from the view of how the elite will control the lower class. This can be seen so prevalently in looking at sex trafficking as these men who are more “powerful” than the women can control then as long as they please. Once he owns a girl, he basically has free reign in keeping her for as long as he pleases. It is very rare that a sex trafficked girl will feel the initiative to run away on her own. She is afraid of her pimp and what he might do to her if she tried to

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