Sex Education in the United States of America

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Apparently, in our society the sexuality is open, we can see in media sexual contain with provocative women and sensual men. They seem to be satisfy and invite to be as them. However, people talk of sex, sexuality, sex education, gender; roles, STD’s, HIV/AIDS, teen pregnancy and they do not want to talk. So, we confront with the reality: sex is a hard topic that it is not easy to touch. Then, the sex education is a essential for invidious, family, and schools, privacy and public sides, which should be creating the best form to teach young generations to have satisfactory sexuality and preventing sexual transmission diseases, but numbers on statistics show the reality society needs help to increase knowledge about how they can prevent STD’s, unplanned pregnancies, and other problems that have the topic of sex. Sex education is an important part of the organizations which want to prevent epidemics as it occurred with HIV/AIDS in the decade of 1980’s in the United States. This issue created at that time sex education was the key to awareness to society that we can prevent transmission of this virus. Also, HIV/AIDS put in the government agenda, federal and local, that they had to act if government wanted to prevent the number of people infected and deaths by this virus. It is not less important in this time, HIV/AIDS, but at the time of 1980’s and 1990’s the issue was latent in everywhere. Prevention is the key of sex education even though many people do not understand the value of educate people in their sexuality. We only go to the local schools and pay attention how teachers or programs threat the topic with their students. In the US exists two kinds of sexual education are in schools; one of the schools presents a comprehensive ... ... middle of paper ... ...gether if we want to prevent infectious or other problems that confront people who do not have enough information about sexuality. The government (federal and local) through schools, parents, organizations, and media need to work together to provide appropriate information that support a coherent sex education for young people. We have some contradictions that are necessary to fix. For example, at this moment more than 86% of schools have abstinence programs, but the mass media provide to teenagers programs where the scenes have too much sexual content. If media provide these kinds of programs and is influential with young people, abstinence program do not work appropriately. Young people need to have proper information that they can evaluate the risk to have sex intercourses without protection as condoms or contraceptives that prevent STD’s or unwanted pregnancies.
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