Sex Education in American Schools

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Every year in America, one million teen girls become pregnant and at least three million teens become infected with an STD (Donovan, 1). Though these numbers slightly fluctuate, problems facing American adolescents today, like HIV/AIDS, other STD’s, and teen pregnancy. This means that some needs to change. These problems will decline when sex education is revamped everywhere in America, by making the curriculum completely comprehensive in addressing problems facing adolescents today such as teen pregnancy, STD’s, rape, pressures and emotions dealing with sex, and give teens good communication skills. Right now teachers approach these subjects on their tip toes, dance around the issue, and not fully give out all the information. Meditation. To find out what needs to be change we should look at what is being taught. In Levine’s book, Harmful to Minors, she discusses the curriculums being taught in public schools today, by breaking them down into two categories. Abstinence-only and abstinence-based. Both of these programs do teach about health, physical education, home economics, and biology, but both can really differ when dealing with the different “sensitive” issues. Abstinence-only education, promotes postponing sex, but when it comes to issues like contraception, it is taught how affective it is, but not where to get it. Abstinence-only curriculum promotes more education through the family, instead of through school. Some abstinence-only curriculums do deal with comprehensive issues, but mainly try to avoid the subject. Some teachers even make up lies to try and scare kids away from sex. Abstinence-based is more comprehensive. The curriculum does promote that abstinence is the only 100% full proof method, but ... ... middle of paper ... ...’s. Numerous sexual partners later, she found out she had Chlamydia. These are great examples when comprehensive sex education is needed. Kids will be kids, and kids have sex. Educating the youth will only have them making wiser decisions and protect themselves. There is no doubt that change is needed. Comprehensive sex education is the answer. Informing the youth will have positive repercussions for not only the youth, but for society in general. Evidence does not lie. Abstinence-only education does not work, and there is no evidence that supports it. Comprehensive sex education does not give adolescents the wrong ides. They already have the wrong idea, but still America doesn’t get it. Educating is the only way we have a fighting chance. When the youth has all the information and resources available, they will make informed responsible decisions.
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