Sex Change Complicates Battle Over Child Custody

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Sex Change Complicates Battle Over Child Custody Florida state law does not recognize same sex marriage. In this case, the law had no way of proving whether or not Michael Kantaras is a man or a woman, since having a female to male sex change. Depending on this, it will decide whether or not he (pending on decision) will be able to keep custody of his adopted children. If society had not let technology surpass their conventional thinking and laws, this case would be easier to decide, or at least not pending on the sex of Mr./Mrs. Kantaras. If Florida law, and that of other places, had thought about all the consequences of technology, such a case as this never would have come to be so controversial. So, is Michael Kantaras really a man, or is she the woman she was born as? Janice G. Raymond would say that Michael Kantaras is really Margo. She believes that transsexuals can never really relate to the female persona and therefore never truly be a woman. She bases this belief on the idea of male privilege. This is the privilege that men receive just for being men; they get higher pay, more leadership opportunities, are always seen as more competent, etc. Even though men are born with this privilege and may not realize they have it, they still experience it and have that edge to allow them to advance in society. Because of this, Raymond claims that male to female sex changes cannot know how it really is to be a woman. They do not realize they have this privilege, but continue to live being dominant because it is inherently within them. Sandy Stone, a male to female transsexual, is angered by Raymond's view. She became a successful employee at Olivia Records, and obtained a head position. Olivia records emerged during the 1970s toward the end of the women's movement in an attempt to produce lesbian feminist music. It wanted for women to obtain the head positions and dominate the company, so once word got out about Sandy Stone's natural born sex, there was much controversy and debate on whether or not to keep her at the head position. Those who believed she should be fired sided with Raymond's view, that having been a male, Stone had an advantage in being brought up to be competitive.

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