Sex Appeal In Advertising

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Sex Sells During the Superbowl in 2015, I remember watching an advertisement where Kate Upton was in a drive-in theater like in the 1990‘s. Out of nowhere, she started taking off her sweater which reveals too much skin and doing really sexual awkward poses while eating the burger. I didn’t realize after watching it, it was an advertisement for Carl’s Jr’s new Jalapeno burger. This advertisement was an example of sex appeal which is used as an effective marketing strategy to attract attention to a product. In some instances, sex appeal alone is the attention-getter in an advertisement, but sometimes too much sex overpowers the ad (such as the Carl Jr’s ad), drawing attention away from the brand. Which makes the ad ineffective and displays…show more content…
For example, the Doritos advertisement used a pun/undertones that hint at a sexual theme without being explicit. “No Doritos, No Paradise” gives up an understated clue that gives off the vibe of sexuality, although it is often debatable whether these clues are sexual depending on the viewer. The purpose of putting sex into advertisements is to supply a shock-value to the viewers and to get them to connect the brand of the product being advertised to the sexy and desirable image. By making the consumer feel connected to the sex appeal and thus, onto the product, they will (in theory) be motivated into making a purchase. In the past, advertisements with sex appeal have proven to be quite effective in attracting new potential customers to buying products and services. The shock-value provided with the advertisement makes the audience remember the ads that they see with sex in…show more content…
An sex appeal advertisement using logos will give you the evidence and statistics you need to fully understand what the product does. The logos of an advertisement will be the "straight facts" about the product. The advertising of "No Doritos, No paradise” with a bikini body and using Doritos to prevent nudity is good to remember when using appeals to consumers ' logic. The Doritos is merely a delicious piece until you embellish it with seductive promises, such as going “into paradise.” Leaving audience question it in imaginable ways. It 's best to wrap an emotional appeal around your logical appeal to maximize the effectiveness of your ad. Logic is mostly applied to printed or internet advertisements where the audience has time to examine the
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