Sex And Gender Theory Essay

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Question:- What are the earliest theories about sex and gender? Discuss two and show how psychoanalytic/identification theories shape the thinking about how and why boys and girls grow up the way they do?

Sex and Gender are seen as inseparable elements of socialization since society believes that they are reliant on each other. Sex and gender, in society as a whole are long established topics for research. There are many perspectives that focused on gender roles and their definitions . These perspectives are namely; the Biological theory, the psychodynamic theory, the external theories, which will include Socialisation, gender schema and situational theories. Other perspectives include the Identity-construction theory, which emphasizes the person’s commitment to self image, and the Enculturated-Lens theory, developed by Sandra Behms. This paper will focus on two types of
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There are different stages whilst growing up and at each stage he or she adapts to the same sex parent maybe that is why some boys turn out to adapt traits from their mother because of single parent home if not taught how to “act like a man”. For example boys stand up to urinate, wear pants instead of a skirt, produces sperms during ejaculation and when it come to girls, at puberty stage they have their menstrual cycle whereby the eggs in the ovaries burst and so she bleeds, females have uterus while males have genitals. At early stage boys recognises that they have the same features as their dads so portrays him and his actions visa versa with girls, if they see their moms putting on make-up, they want to do the same, also girls at the teenage stage starts to develop breasts and wears trainees or bras and their hips widen giving a ‘feminine’
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