Sex And Gender Sociology Essay

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In this course, I have learnt a lot in body, sexuality, feminism and other things about sex and gender. Sociologically speaking, sex and gender are two different and distinctive things. Sex is the biological concept that societies use to determine whether people are either male or female. However, gender is more flexible and unfixed. It may or may not depend on people’s biological sex. To put it more specifically, it describes how societies shape and construct sex categories. What is the cultural meanings of gender role given to men and women? How do individuals understand their gender identities, like being a man, woman, transgender, intersex, queer or any other gender positions? These are the questions that being asked in sociology. Our perceptions and understandings of masculinity and femininity are also shaped by society, which causes a many gender stereotypes. Due to the stereotypes and other factors, such as religion and government policy, women enjoy less benefits than men in many fields, like politics, housework and job market. This is called gender inequality. In order to explain gender…show more content…
Since the day we are born, this construction follows us in life. At the age of your first month, your parents will host a grand party. Your parents’ friends will comment you from head to feet. If you are a boy, they will say this little guy will be a tough guy and become a scientist. If you are a girl, they will praise you that you will become a beautiful princess and find the true love and get married. When you grow up into a teenage boy or girl, you start dating with someone you like. However, you will find when you go out for dinner, most of time is the boy paying the bill. Even you two go to a hotel and taste the forbidden fruit, it will be the boy to pay for the hotel. Because it seems “natural” for men to support women in

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