Seventh Heaven

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Seventh Heaven Seventh Heaven by Alice Hoffman was published by G.P. Putnam's Sons in 1991. Many characteristics of magical realism were expressed in an excerpt from this novel. From reading this, I have learnt that magic appears to me as being real. My comprehending of this novel was more because or realism. Alice Hoffman's attitude in this book seemed to be that she set it as an example of magical realism and she made the readers curious about what was going to happen next. Hoffman made this book enjoyable so that readers would want to read this book. She had a good attitude toward what she was writing about and how the book was presented. The book consisted of many magical elements. Some of the magical elements in this book were that the crow in Mrs. Olivera's chimney might find a pack of matches, rub them the wrong way, and poof up goes the house in flames (17). I feel that this is something that would never happen. I think it is impossible for a crow to light a match and catch a house on fire. Another magical element was the fact that no one in the neighborhood could tell the houses apart when they were first built and carve out of the potato farms. (10). I don't think that many people would get confused about what house was theirs and what block that it was on. Everyone should know what is theirs. Realistic elements in this book stood out better than the magical elements because I felt that most of the book seemed like everyday life. Realistic elements were that the guys in the neighborhood wanted to get together and renovate Mrs. Olivera's house and to sell it to someone instead of it setting there looking run down (18-19). I think that guys in the community would fix a house to try to help the neighborhood look nice and to keep people from getting hurt. The purpose of the magical elements is to keep the reader tuned into the book. The author tries her best to make the reader experience textualization. She does this by making the book have plenty of realistic elements and throwing in magical element to make the experience different. Magical elements stood out to me the most were when the women in the neighborhood made a big deal about Nora being divorced and how Donna Durgin had never met a divorced person in her entire life (82).

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