Seven Pillars of Society

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In my opinion, out of the seven pillars of society, I believe of the family to be the most important pillar. The family consists of children’s and adults and these adults are considered to be the guide for the children’s to function in the society. Adults are usually parents and they are the ones responsible to guide the children to have a better future and be aware of the goods and bads. Parents provide their children with a basis on the seven pillars of society. They guide children to choose the right path whether it is religion or relationships. They nurture children to respecting others and take care of responsibilities. Children learn from their parents to always be honest and to never lie. Children learn to choose their religion, learn about politics, personal and family values and love and relationships. Families grow the population and their next generations provide us with a better future. Parents provide their children with education to take their roles in the other pillars of society. The family starts of the pillars one at a time.

The government is another important pillar to have a well structured society. The purpose of a government is to protect citizens on multiple levels of living like security and general welfare. The government simply works on the means of reaching the common ideals; keeping the union together; ensuring peace among citizens; and promoting the best interests of the majority. It also protects the rights of people and commences the foundational principles of freedom, liberty and prosperity. It collects taxes to for common benefits such as national defense, infrastructure, social services, education, disaster relief and the advancement of technology. The government helps take the society in a pos...

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...n extremely important role in holding up the moral and law structure of the nation. In nations where the government holds less control religions can still play a very important role and a stabilizing influence. Religions tend to promote a sense of strong moral superiority and a very conservative attitude. Religions also help promote a sense of community and unity between people that may otherwise be lacking without it. This can be considered in many ways the glue that holds a specific society together.

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