Setting Fire And Our Insides For Fun?

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Setting Fire to Our Insides for Fun? Students face serious problems in the classroom, but several problems are seen outside of the classroom as well. There is an obvious struggle for acceptance seen inside of the social ladder in any high school. Most importantly, the stress that a student is put under in order to “fit in.” High school shoves the idea of acceptance down a student’s throat, forcing them to be social and throw themselves into groups of people to find the acceptance they are told is natural to crave. However, it is nearly impossible to find acceptance in the walls of a high school. The sheer lack of acceptance among students in high school is almost unfathomable. A student walking down the crowded hallways of their high school is likely to judge several people, just based on appearance, and most do not even realize they’re doing it. This judgement causes unnecessary worry for students, pushing them even further to find acceptance that is simply not there to begin with. That extra push easily causes students to draw away from others. They fear negative judgement and false comparisons, which is exactly what social anxiety is defined to be (CITE). As mentioned, this fear of not being accepted causes a constant need to compare oneself to another. These comparisons are often made in the wrong place or over menial ideas. For example, a student may see another with a more expensive handbag, and accuse themselves of not working hard enough for the things that they have, or insist to themselves that they need to work harder. These negative thoughts towards oneself are consistent with early signs of depression (CITE). Students also often face bullying in the hallways of high school, be that verbal or physical. While many argu... ... middle of paper ... ... threaten a student with disciplinary action. Some teachers will not even recognize these actions as signs of a disorder, instead crediting them to a lack of motivation or not caring. Some teachers may notice the signs, attempting to talk to the student personally in an attempt to combat the problem. However, students have been raised to believe that teachers are superior to them, which makes talking about personal issues incredibly uncomfortable and difficult to do. Teachers often become frustrated when students refuse to talk about the issue, and simply recommend the student to a counselor or another teacher. While teachers may believe this is the best action they can take, many students feel a sense of worthlessness when it happens. A student feels that they are no longer worth the teacher’s time, instead the teacher is trying to write them off to someone else.

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