Setting Challenges Of Physical Contact

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Physical Contact
Physical Contact means, for instance, shaking a client by the hand (touch).
A child who has studied in the same school since year seven and regularly meets the therapist and special education needs assistant, due to having problems with controlling their behaviour and when both practitioners see the child they shake their hand. This is a way to welcome someone and greet them in a gracious manner. Furthermore, by doing this with the children who get annoyed easily this would be calming their gesture. This provides dignity (being treated with respect).
Besides, a head teacher would make sure that the children are receiving an award in the school hall for doing well in a particular subject and they would make physical contact by shaking their hands to congratulate them on how well they have done. This
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Firstly, a head teacher would ensure that people are set challenges. This could be done by having a sports event where the children would be expected to walk or run two miles for a charity event. This provides occupation and stimulation. Also, a child can benefit from this challenge, e.g. a child who can easily complete a jigsaw puzzle could be asked to complete it without looking at the picture on the box or with the pieces picture side down.
Special education needs assistant might put the children in a test. For instance, who can answer as many questions, but they would need to do it within a certain time. This would help Karim to become independent and would make him determined to do well. This provides occupation.
Also, a therapist would make a challenge for the children to improve their grade or revise more than they should. If they are set, a sequence of achievable physical challenge that gradually becomes more demanding. This would make the children prove to the people wrong, they could do it. This provides autonomy because they have personal

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