Session Musicians Essay

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Jordan keigher
English. 11
April 22, 2014
Music is all around us. It is an outlet for creativity were nothing is wrong and everything is possible. The sound of music is always changing and so are the means of producing it. Everyday new methods and ideas are being put into play that have the possibility to change music forever. Lots of people are involved in making a hit song including songwriters, producers, sound engineers, and advertisers. Many of todays big artists would not exist without the people behind the scenes that help make there music a reality. One group that plays a key part in the production of music are the session musicians that play on the album and that travel around the world backing up artists on tour. The life of a session musician is characterized by time spent in the studio, touring, rehearsing, and studying.
Session musicians are the people you hear playing on radio and see on stage at concerts. They are hired to support solo artists or groups that need help in the studio and on stage. Session musicians are among the best in the world and the competition for work is fierce. Other than knowing how to play the instrument no collage education is required for this job, but it is valuable to have a great understanding of music theory. There are different types of session musicians ranging from collaborator’s that help craft hit songs with the biggest names in music, and amazing players that preform anything the producer wants them to. Ideally it is best to be a little bit of both. In music experience is vital, the more the better. Adam Goldsmith, a session musician,was asked how he developed his versatility and responded "Getting things wrong! If you get things wrong enough, then eventually you get ...

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... interviews, the show, and departure time. Touring can be hard the musician’s since you are traveling so frequently. Sitting in a bus or airplane for hours can get very boring and stressful so it is important to keep your cool to avoid fights.
Session musicians spend a lot of their time in the studio, touring, rehearsing and studying. Although the road to joining this elite group is a hard one, the pay off makes it worth everyday of practice. In the end, the best part of being a session musician is being able to have Millions of people hear and see your talent without being a “high profile” Celebrity. Guitarist Jamie Dickson sums it up perfectly, “You get to riff on stage with superstars before a packed stadium crowd, But when the music's over you can walk past the ranks of paparazzi with nary a flashbulb popping”(Dickson, “How to make it as a Session Guitarist”).
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