Serving Justice

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I drove the limo down the road, looking for that stupid, ugly food truck for crêpes. I hated it so much it was laughable. Especially since he just got it for the mission he was working on, but probably planned to use it in the future. L would be irritated, even though he wouldn't show it, that I was going to drive my car separately. I didn't want to go in the truck, but I had to meet them there anyways. I would have had to drive there either way. Other orphans from Wammy's House did not work personally with L. Most of them hadn't even met him. When I was nineteen, I was at Wammy's as a mentor. Watari came back and told me L's wishes for me to join him in his cases from now on. I didn't solve too many cases myself unless L was completely wrapped up in one. When he wasn't, he would ask my opinions often, and I would be right, but we all knew that he knew the answer already. Also, I found cases for him to work on. Cases with ten people dead or a million dollars at stake. I was going to be the next L if he were to die before he retired. If he did happen to stay alive until he was old enough to stop solving cases, I would not become the next L, because I would be only three years younger than him. L wasn't sure still about who he would choose to be in place of me. It was between Near, who was eight at the time but the smartest kid in the orphanage, or Mello, who was fourteen and the second smartest. The were kids who deserved to become the next L. Especially over me. I rounded the corner and spotted the food truck. I saw Watari standing next to it with his back turned and L was climbing out of a bear suit. I giggled to myself. L truly was shameless, yet full of pride. I pulled up behind the green truck and stepped out of the c... ... middle of paper ... ...imself, because for his line of work, you couldn't let your emotions get in the way. I had known L for a long time, so that was why he was able to do kind things like that for me. He didn't realize that he only did it for me. L simply knew what I liked and understood how I acted, like I did him. That was why we made such a good team, and I could look past his awkwardness. I hugged him tightly and grinned, "Thank you so much, L! This means a lot! I'll start on it as soon as we get to Arizona!" He was completely stiff, unsure what to do. That always happened when I tried to hug him, which wasn't very often. I released him and got the brownies out of the passenger seat, giving them to him. I laughed at how happy he was. With that, we all drove back to the hotel we were staying at. I knew we would spend a while on the Kira case. Justice was never served quickly.
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