Service and Leadership

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Known to all as the foundation upon which we stand, the helping hands and guiding leaders of our global society are both the world’s tools for progression towards unconditional happiness. Kindled by religious enthusiasts and community leaders, these aspects of support and guidance are embedded in families, societies, and the future generations. Service and leadership make up the thread of our society. In homes, both parents and children can serve and lead. In the public aspect, advocates of religion, advisors in community service or social mediators for peace all have the ability to support and guide the neighborhood. In schools, educators and peers can both help each other and lead by example. Regardless of how a society functions, every individual is blessed with the gift to serve and lead others to better livelihoods.

More often than not, my service and leadership appeals to the emotional and spiritual expanses of a person. I am a servant and leader, and both encompass my life at home, as a part of my family’s structure. I know my role in the house; I am a mediator, a peacemaker for the misunderstandings that may occur. I instill an essence of joy, they tell me, in still times. My parents see it fit to enrich me with advice. When they do share their wisdom, I apply it all to my life, directing myself in a way that leads to a positive outlook on life. I reflect on my family’s perspectives after every quarrel, to share my opinions about how just I believe they are. I do this by referencing my religion’s own statutes, as I am religious, and take them to be true and righteous. In all that I do in my home, in all that I provide for my family, goodness is what drives me to support and guide. Goodness is what the hum...

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... community needs community outreach, social support, and opportunities to better the lives of people of it. Guidance and support are the fuels that drive these things in a community. My religious personality inspires me to state: first, a servant of one man is a leader for others to follow into service and, second, a leader of many who provides for many is a servant of one, that “one” is God. To be good, in my terms, is to experience God in our lives, to develop within our society and to spread the goodness to others in the world. Since, not all people believe in my God, they will feel the goodness that He is of, but not take it to be Him. Even without the religious perspective, I learned still of the morality in which serving and leading coexist; I gained an immaculate, great sense of purpose in my life, of my existence and of service and leadership for others.
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