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Service quality has been associated with customer loyalty and service quality is one category of customer satisfaction and it plays an essential part in creating customer satisfaction as well. Along with other factors service quality plays an important role in building customer loyalty like quality of services, which quick services restaurants are providing has a direct impact on customer loyalty (Chao, 2008). The connection between service quality and customer satisfaction has been well established in service marketing literature (Antony et al. 2004; Ladhari 2009; Sivadas and Baker-Prewitt 2000). In general, it is commonly said that a high level of service quality leads to a high level of customer satisfaction.
High service quality increases customer satisfaction and produces measurable long-term benefits in market share and profitability (Anderson, Fornell, & Lehmann, 1994). From the managerial point of view, the final goal is to attract and maintain customers. With the emphasis on the voice of the customer, service quality was defined as the difference between customer expectations of service and the perceptions of the actual service received (Parasuraman, Zeithaml, & Berry,1988).
According to Parasuraman et al (1991), companies can get their competitive adavnatge by using the technology for the purpose of enhancing the service quality as well as gathering market demand, and for many years, some researchers have developed a service perspective (Zeithaml, 2009, Ramsaran and Fowdar, 2007). Chang (2008) stated that the concept of service quality should be approached with the customers’ point of view because they can have different values, different ground of assessment, and also different circumstances. Parasuraman, Zeithaml, an...

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...d the cooked food itself (Klara, 2001). To gain a competitive advantage in today’s market, restaurants must offer their value beside good food and good service.
4. The Place: Ambience was seen by other researchers that it can give restaurants a competitive edge (Horeco, 2000). According to Belman (1996) “today, the most important thing is design and concept.” The comfortable atmosphere is very important in the restaurant (Dulen, 1998), therefore the restaurateur must invest money to improve their appearance in order to attract sociable customers who like to have new experiences (Goldstein, 1998; Soriano, 2002)
From those explanation of theories above, we can know that service quality is usually measured by how well the service delivery matches the customer's expectations. And once the service quality matches the customer’s expectations, it leads to customer loyalty.