Service Opportunities to Better Prepare My Future

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Paper making: We gather paper products from campus, then we make a paper paste out of it without the use of chemicals then we make papers out of the paste that we use to make note books, envelop, and cards. I work in this with dedication. It is important because of the importance of its impact on the environment, UWC motto is sustainability. My way of appreciating nature is by actually doing something to help save it. Doing something rather than just talking and persistence in doing it with dedication are important qualities that every transformative leader should have. High School Science: We teach Indian students from the nearby villages that surround the campus science and we use the laboratory facilities on campus to show them experiments and allow them to perform it, this fulfill the requirement of lab work in their science syllabus. Communication is one of the many skills I develop from this activity, because of the language barrier between me and the students I teach, I try to solve the problem by using sign language, pointing at stuff and using very simple English words. For me to be a good teacher and actually leaving an impact on the kids I need to know them well and that is exactly what I do during the sessions, I try to have small conversations with the kids to make them feel more comfortable around me and for me to be able to understand the best way they understand to implement it during the session. Encouraging the students I teach is very important as they will feel elated if they felt that what they are doing is right so a simple "Good job" can sometime be like giving candy to a little kid. When I see that my work is making an impact I feel proud of myself and this motivates me to do more and to give passionat... ... middle of paper ... ...due to the high demands of the IB and the social life of UWC. I know how to face any problem I pass by, if I have a problem with my computer, my maintenance skills allow me to overcome it, as for a health problem I know how to take care of myself and what remedies I should take. Adventurous: Coming to UWC was stepping out of my comfort zone and into the unknown. This affected my life positively; it made me more mature and independent. I went on my first hike last year and even though I was worried and afraid I eventually did it and I benefited from it on many different levels. I experienced spending an overnight in a village and working in a field for a day. I also spent two nights in a slum area regardless of the fear that I had that surrounded the idea. I realized that all the adventures I undertook had an impact on my personality and on the way I perceive things.