Service Description and Situational Analysis

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Service Description and Situational Analysis C&T Learning is a literacy educational program designed to help children who are below their expected reading levels, for example a 5th grader who reads at a 2nd grade level. C&T Learning will provide a comprehensive learning analysis and approach to the ongoing problem continuing facing some children. The program includes, music, physical education, English, reading, writing, and math. C&T learning will follow an academic curriculum based on current trends to personal lifestyle of the children by encouraging them to read at home, and parents will be playing a critical role in achieving their goal of having every child reading at or above grade level by 2015. Through its marketing strategies, C&T Learning will begin to determine necessary steps that must be taken in order to improve reading levels at the age of 3 and implement throughout high school if necessary. Programs will also be geared toward children with speech and language disabilities, who are far behind. Research shows that children who do not continue reading while at home can lose focus and the progress made during the school year is almost in vain. C&T will primarily focus on minority students through an Individual Educational Plan (IEP). Once we establish the curriculum and support our infrastructure, C&T learning will widen out its concentration on promoting an academic after school and summer program. By offering a high level of service, C&T Learning will focus on the building blocks of reading such as phonics, phonemic awareness, oral comprehension and vocabulary. As we begin with the development of the program, C&T will hire experienced teachers and staff that fulfill both our needs and exc... ... middle of paper ... ...-native English speaking who need to improve their reading and language skills. Curriculum will be given to establish and develop plan that will increase their ability to comprehend, read, and speak English Fluently. Children will have the opportunity to read and listen to academic lectures and will engage in exercises that will evaluate comprehension of content as well as utilization and meaning by the end of school year. Competitors and Substitutes There is no direct competition with this type of program but the growing problem and challenges facing our children are essential in planning a reading program to overcome these challenges. However they are other substitutes program that offered similar program such as tutoring service but the plan is easy to follow, and can be implemented at home.

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