Server Maintenance Contracts

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Alexus Enterprises has 50 Windows Server 2012 systems deployed throughout the network, taking on roles including DNS, DHCP, File and Print Services, and applications such as email and databases. Due to the importance of these systems to the network, it is necessary that the organization take the necessary steps to ensure that the servers are kept up to date and in good working order, preventing potential issues within the company network and downtime that may otherwise be avoided; to this end, it is necessary to implement an IT service plan for the organization (Chernik, 2012). The following server maintenance plan has been designed and created for the purpose of addressing these specific needs, allowing the organization to continue to operate at its most optimal levels.
Automated Plan
Server maintenance requires a network administrator to conduct the tasks necessary for the purpose of keeping the servers on the network, and the network as a whole, up to date; while smaller companies may wish to have the network administrator complete these tasks manually, for a medium to large network, it becomes more cost effective for the organization to implement an automated plan for the resolution of these tasks (Delich, 2014). As Alexus Enterprises has a medium sized network, it becomes more cost efficient and more time efficient for the organization to implement an automated IT service plan. The service plan will allow for the appropriate patches to be run on the server, network performance to be reviewed, potential security risks addressed, backup systems to be verified as still functional, and the verification that the monitoring systems are functioning properly; in addition, it should grant the administrator the ability...

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