Servant Leadership Theory Essay

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Servant theory is marked by giving all leader and followers power. A servant leader led the followers and inspire them to personal grow and achievement. The main characteristic is that servant leaders want his followers to become leaders themselves, and are not threatened by the growth of others because they understand that this can help reach the goal. A servant leader focusses on the growth and well-being of the followers, they put the needs of the group first, and help followers develop new skills. Servant leader’s behaviors are conceptualization, emotional healing, putting followers first, help members of the group succeed, ethical behaviors, empowering followers throughout motivation, and creating value for the community. As a special…show more content…
Teaching my students that they are important for the community and how they behave will have an impact on the community is a must. Servant leadership is a theory that spoke to me because it focuses on the skills and style approaches of the leader. The focus of this theory is to serve. The leader strives to help them accomplish their goals, helps them heal, and helps them succeed. It stresses that leaders be attentive to the concerns of the people following them, be empathetic and nurturing toward them. Servant leader have a commitment to their people and to the growth of their followers. Servant leadership also focuses on community and bringing together their people as a community in a safe environment that promotes connectedness. As a special education teacher, I often relate to being a servant leader because I am always trying to put my students first. I am nurturing towards them, comfort them, and provide a safe place. As a teacher, I strive to think about the students’ needs and how I can motivate them to be their…show more content…
Lead our students to success in life, giving them the academic and social skills they need to be good members of the community. As a special education teacher, being a Servant leader will be important, to build strong relationships with my coworkers, reaching for help and help others to look for new strategies that will make a better learning environment for my students. It is also important to be a transformational leader, because I will not just influence my students lives, but other teachers as well. In a special education classroom, I will have the help of an Aide that in many cases will be directing the instruction of my students. Promoting and motivating my Aides and other members of the school to maximize their skills will make a better experience for my students and the community. I started my teaching career as an Instructional Aide in a moderate to severe classroom. I could not be more thank full for the teachers I work for because they motivated me to maximize my teaching skills, and eventually become a teacher in the classroom I started as an Aide. I want to be a leader that inspire others to be teachers and be good at it. Teachers and administration have a great of power in the school environment because we can affect others’ beliefs, attitudes, and actions. We need to have leadership that states that the ones being led can identify with and
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