Servant Leadership Project : A Servant Leader Project

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I have worked on numerous team projects over the past three years, but I never felt as never as challenged as I was this semester doing this servant leadership project. Usually I take the lead and end up doing most of the work in the project we are given a couple weeks to do. I am not required to sit with the same group throughout the semester or meet with a non-profit organizations. This project journey was certainly different and eye opening. Simply saying it was different than the other project I have done before is an understatement, this servant leadership project was a journey I took with 3 strangers. We had to get to know one another, identify each other’s strengths, compromise, share ideas, speak up, learn to disagree, and pick up one another’s slack. We were working towards a goal that would make an impact, an actual difference in the real world. The organization we choose was SMILE for Charity because we loved what they stood for. SMILE helps communities in a number of ways from providing food and clothing for the needy to educational seminars to raise awareness for mental illnesses. Picking the organization was not an issue for our group, but the challenges came when it came time to decide on the project. After our interview with the organization, we were at liberty to choose any method to solve their problem. SMILE wanted help in increasing donations because they had people who needed more than people who were willing to give. My group reviewed the situation and decided that the problem existed because people who were willing to give were not aware that SMILE needed donations or existed. After we decided to create a social media campaign it came down to assign the tasks. We need a man for research, a person to comm... ... middle of paper ... ...ormatted effectievely and we were to deliver a perfect deliverable. Nicole was great at assigning deadlines and keeping group on track. She was aware of the group’s weaknesses and helped us overcome them by sending reminders. Kyle assigned task, he knew the project goals which was beneficial to the group in case we needed reminding during our meetings. I brought the creativity to the group. I worked on the video and design aspect of the project. I also helped communicate with SMILE because I had previously worked with the organization. In conclusion, I really enjoyed the project because it challenged me in a different way. I made new friends, made new connections, expanded my skills, and became a better leader. As a team we made an impact on something we thought was an issue. SMILE will benefit as an organization because of the time spent into the organization.
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