Servant Leadership Essay: Describe The Process Behind Effective Leadership

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What motivates me is the ability to touch the lives of those I work with and those I meet; if I do not see my job as actually helping people, it is pointless to me. I understand that what you do may not directly impact people in some cases but in our society today we too frequently focus on the people on the front lines—we should focus on people in the back lines as well. That is particularly what motivates me; helping people who are serving behind the scenes so they can do their jobs better; that helps the people on the front lines be able to function better and makes everyone feel more appreciative. 2) Describe the process behind effective leadership. What goes on in the background? It starts down on your knees and grows from there. Leadership…show more content…
Servant leadership should never be a means for manipulation of the public, it should be the goal. Servant leaders must make decisions that are best for everyone at times, even if not everyone agrees, but servant leaders will look to see if alternate views can somehow fit into the system. 6) Discuss the difference between micro management and macro management. Micro management is when you try to organize a person’s life to the extreme; this is usually done out of fear for yourself or the person. Macro management is based on trust—it is based on not only trust in people, but, more importantly, trust in God. Micromanagement may be appropriate to use if someone is having a difficult time, but the person should still be given discretion. 7) How can organizations adopt a more relational model? This is a hard one because it means that people who are following this model must be comfortable with those around them. The first step is removing leaders who are divisive and/or mean and cruel to those around them. The second step is empowerment of everyone in the organization. A relational model is built on relationships so opportunities must be given for social interaction and not simply a maximum output

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