Servant Leadership

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As the research of management has evolved so has the concept and influence in leadership. Today’s leaders face an extremely aggressive business environment where change is a constant issue. To deal with these issues adequately, followers must share the leaders vision and be willing to commit to accomplishing the leaders direction. Providing an atmosphere of teamwork is essential in order to achieve this. Servant leaders are known to serve others first in order to achieve and maintain high performance by their followers resulting in greater success for their organization Servant leadership is a philosophy and set of practices that enriches the lives of individuals, builds better organizations and ultimately creates a more just and caring world. (Greenleaf Website) The concept of servant leadership derives from the bible. The Bible says that the servant leaders first anchor themselves in service to God and stand ready to serve and lead others. (Kumar) The term servant leadership came to light by Robert Greenleaf in 1970, a retired AT&T executive. He felt like this style of leadership was missing but very much needed in modern organizations. The words “servant” and “leader” are usually thought of being opposites. Servant leadership may seem to be an oxy moron or a contradiction in terms. Leaders are meant to serve, not about leaders being servants. The servant leader is a leader second and a servant first. The purpose is that servant leaders want to serve and to make sure that people’s needs are being served. The belief is that when people feel valued, they value what they do, and will then produce better work. The ideal leader uses their power to build trust with their followers. The servant leader’s ability to be both a great fo... ... middle of paper ... eyes to different styles. I know I’ll continue to research and try to be the best leader that I can be. Works Cited Greenleaf Website, "What is Servant Leadership?." Center for Servant Leadership. N.p.. Web. 09 Mar 2014. Kumar , KBS . " Servant Leadership A Paradigm Shift in Leadership." IUP India. N.p.. Web. 09 Mar 2014. Greenleaf, Robert. "Ten Principles of Servant Leadership." Butler University. N.p.. Web. 10 Mar 2014. Spears, Larry . "The 10 Gifts of a Servant Leader." Daily Good: News that Inspirs. N.p.. Web. 10 Mar 2014. TDIndustries, . " To Lead, First You Must Follow." TDIndustries Website. N.p.. Web. 10 Mar 2014. McGee-Cooper, Ann . "Servant Leadership a Powerful Tool for Fast Change." AMC: The Ann McGee-Cooper& Associates Inc. N.p., n.d. Web. 10 Mar 2014. Fortune, "100 Best Companies to Work For: TDIndustries ." CNN Money. N.p.. Web. 10 Mar 2014.
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