Servant Leadership

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The concept of servant leadership is one that many of today’s leaders struggle with, yet it is shown to be one of the more productive forms of leadership. The concept is really about the leader helping to grow their follower’s in a manner that involves empathy, listening skills, and compassion. Servant leadership is a way for leaders to connect with their teams and show that they understand the trials and tribulations that go along with the work. Think of an inverted pyramid. The leader is the point of the pyramid stabilizing the structure at its base.

Servant leaders tend to create unique bonds with their team. This, in turn, makes them more productive than other leaders. As a result of the bond servant leaders are more in tune with the insights and necessary information that members of their team might possess or need to possess. While trying to ensure that their team members are successful, servant leaders become highly regarded and can benefit from this in the form of a more detailed understanding of the needs of their team for success. One consistent key to servant leadership is that information, knowledge, and opportunity needs to be passed along accordingly. Playing favorites is not a part of the equation in servant leadership. All team members are valued and information and assistance is doled out to everyone.

There is no “Well I am a servant leader in this situation, but a power leader in others.” Servant Leadership is a mindset that should not have flexibility.
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