Serious Disorders in America: Clinical Depression

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There will be many topics covered as you continue to read that are related to depression. Clinical Depression is a very serious disorder that affects millions of people in the United States every year. There are many reasons for depression and there are also many signs and symptoms that can help you to identify depression that is affecting someone close to you. Depression can be treated in different forms weather it is through the use of anti depressants, coping, cognitive-behavioral and psychotherapy. There are many situations that can cause each person to get depressed for different reasons and may affect everyone in different ways and have different severities.
There are believed to be three types of depression which are Major depression, Dysthymic disorder and minor depression. These three types of depression affect each individual in different ways and have different affects on a person life. Major depression has a very large interference with a person’s ability to sleep, eat, work and so many more aspects of your daily life. ”The most commonly diagnosed form of depression is Major Depressive Disorder, which is characterized by a depressed mood for more than two weeks, among other symptoms.” (Michael Ashworth, PH.D: Types Of Depression) Dysthymic disorder is a depressive disorder that has long lasting affects but is less severe than those symptoms of Major depression. “Dysthymia is similar to Major Depressive Disorder, but the symptoms occur over a much longer period of time – more than 2 years. This is considered a chronic form of depression, and treatment can be challenging as an individual with Dysthymia has often already tried all manner of treatment. “(Michael Ashworth, PH.D: Types Of Depression) Minor depression has ve...

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