Serial Killers who Possess Necrophilic Tendencies

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Gruesome, cruel and heinous crimes unfortunately are committed by unstable, evil individuals who prey on innocent and vulnerable victims. Communities fall victim to panic and terrorization when high priority news headlines are announced regarding a crazed serial killer causing havoc in their area. Johnson & Becker (1997) state" members of society are captivated and at the same time delighted to hear and view the horrendous crimes and capabilities of serial killers." What exactly motivates these people to commit such horrendous acts of violence? Are they consciously aware of the wrong they are doing or is it a desire to fulfill a certain fantasy? Are they individuals who just want to feel the power rush and enjoy the infliction of pain over innocent strangers. Consequently, children are also at risk of becoming victims. Reasoning skills could come into question but most of the time the perpetrator acts in such a way is because he or she wants to commit such atrocities. Once a crime is committed and discovered, the task of investigating such crime now lies in the hands of law enforcement officials. Dissecting a crime scene and looking for clues and evidence that will lead to the apprehension of the perpetrator is of the utmost importance as a killer needs to be taken off the streets. Furthermore, the safety and well being of society is also at risk and in jeopardy. It is important to realize that serial killers are known to strike again after their first attack. Could it be that the perpetrator wants to experience the same rush and intense feeling of killing and causing pain on a person? Law enforcement agencies are held responsible for investigating and solving the crime at hand. In like manner, the pressure from th... ... middle of paper ... ...ctim and their families that treating them as if they were some kind of celebrity is not correct. These killers develop in to the persons they become because of factors that affect them both biologically, physically and mentally. Johnson & Becker (1997) mention that "the movie, Natural Born Killers (Warner Bros., 1994), portrayed two individuals who were killers because their culture involved bad parents, abuse and the lack of education." Killers are put on the spotlight whenever a crime is committed especially those that are serial. The communities must be made aware of the threat to their safety and of their loved ones. Unfortunately, this in turn may cause a state of panic. Serial killers with necrophilic tendencies are typically a bit difficult to understand my members of society. The question remains, why do they commit such horrendous atrocities?

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