Serial Killers Vs Serial Killer

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What image does the mind visualize when it hears the term ‘Serial Killer’? Most people envision a maleficent being capable of committing heinous crimes that ‘normal’ people are incapable of acting out, or a person with a psych so muddled and twisted that they resort to murder in order to satisfy their vile desires. Although this style of thinking is not completely incorrect, there is a lot more to a serial killer than what meets the eye.
Although serial killers are the most infamous of the killer category, most people don’t actually know the difference between a serial killer and a mass murderer or a serial killer and just a regular killer. A serial killer is a person that murders three or more victims on partitioned occasions, but then again, the same may be true in the case of a mass murderer or a spree killer. The one thing that sets the serial killer apart from the other two is the fact that a serial killer carefully plans out his attacks specifically chooses his victims and in most cases, gets to know them. A serial killer
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This is the second most disliked kind of serial killer. A Hedonistic Killer kills purely for either thrill, lust, or comfort. The thrill seekers murder people for the sake of remaining uncaught and eluding the police. These murderers tend to leave clues or letters to make the hunt more interesting. Lust serial killers, as is implied by the name, kills in seek of pleasure. These killers are inclined to either rape their victims or remove organs from the victims decomposing body. The last hedonistic killer is the comfort killer. A comfort killer does not murder to induce pleasure but instead they use the act of murder as a means to an end, such as killing a wealthy family member as to inherit said wealth. A notorious example of hedonistic killers is that of the ‘Hillside Strangler'. Two cousins who kidnaped, tortured, and then raped ten women between the ages of 12 to 28 years old during a four-month
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