Serial Killers Essay

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Serial killers are masterminds of disguise, hiding behind “normal” identities with a burning desire deep down to kill. These horrific killers send a shockwave of fear through society, due to a series of unfortunate events; entering one’s life and killing them without passion or emotion. These violent and rather psychopathic killers are particularly different and unique compared to other orthodox murderers. Furthermore, due to their dissimilar motive, selective victimization, and psychological masterminding in an attempt to hide their true identity. So, what really lies behind a serial killer's motive, what causes someone to take an innocent person's life away? Throughout history, we have seen multiple notorious killers who gained fame for…show more content…
Although, this was not the case. After speculation by victims families, deputies, and his co-workers, his false identity was destroyed. Soon, his behavior turned unusual in an unsettling way. This speculating behavior led to a confession by Gacy of murdering nearly 40 young men, keeping each one in the crawl space below his house. On February 6th, 1980, after eight years of serial murders, Gacy went on trial for killing nearly 40 young men. After multiple appeals, Gacy was executed by lethal injection at the Stateville Correctional Center in Illinois on May 10th, 1944, controversially being the worst serial killer in history. Overall, serial killers like Gacy haunt the world, hurting anyone in their path for their own personal satisfaction. Furthermore, society as a whole ponder on the plausible scheme or implication of a serial killer's rationale and overall motive, fully examining and identifying these horrific begins one by one. Analyzation in conduct with statistics, history, and psychological evaluation of past serial killers, we can efficiently recognize these extremely repellent individuals of society, and prevent further tragic events from
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