Serial Killers And The Media

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Today 's society seems entranced by serial killers in the news and media. Because of the worldwide coverage on serial killers, forensic psychiatrists have taken an interest in these people and often interview them after they have been caught. There are multiple studies and reports of individuals who have committed serial murders but only a small amount of reports on adolescents who have shown serious fantasies about becoming serial killers prior to actualizing their fantasy. This paper explores the question that has been asked for centuries. That question is whether or not serial killers are born the kill or driven to murder. Many sources were used in reference to nature vs. nurture, and research on serial killers and if its genetics or decisions. With real life examples, this paper will attempt to answer the unanswerable.
One of the most famous serial killers made know is Jeffrey Dahmer. It is said that he murdered not in anger, or revenge, but on impulse and desire. Like many serial killers before him, psychologists and criminologists, has searched many options and scenarios to answer the question of why serial killers commit these horrendous killings and how they became such violent humans. What they have been contemplating with is whether or not serial killers are born with predetermined genes that play an important role in their homicidal tendencies or if they become murderous through incidents as children. Traditionally, the explanations for why serial killers have the tendencies they have included childhood abuse, genetics, brain injuries, and exposure to traumatic events. What frightens people however, is the fact that a huge number of the population has been exposed to at least one of these traumas in their lifetime.

... middle of paper ... killers grow into sadistic mass murders. Though both nature and nurture have strong evidence to back them up as an explanation, neither theories explain why serial killers do what they do. While going over both explanations, I believe that it could be a mixture of both genetics and their childhood. My conclusion to these findings, nature does choose the traits we are born with, however, there needs to be a cultural trigger that leads to these individuals committing these horrific crimes. With no close relationship of genetic defects and the cultural nurturing that people are raised in, the theory is that serial killers cannot reside. If we are able to understand even a little about why serial killers commit these crimes, maybe we can save more than just a future victim’s life, maybe even the person that the serial killer was before that particular cultural trigger.
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