Serial Killers And Serial Killers Essay

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Mass Murderers and Serial Killers Although Mass Murderers and Serial killers differ in their motives and approaches, both types have similar backgrounds and beliefs. “Mass murder is sometimes confused with serial murder by the public and the media.” (Bonn, S. 2015). Serial killers kill at least 2 people. “The classic definition of serial murder also requires a period of time between the murders. This pause or break between killings is necessary to distinguish between a mass murder, which is a one-time event, and serial murder, which has multiple incidents.” (Bonn, S. 2015). There are several things they have in common such as their backgrounds, their IQ’s and their relationship status. Mass murderers and serial killers also both display psychopathic tendencies, such as being un-compassionate, cruel and manipulative. Neither have empathy. The things that they differ in are how the murders are committed, how many people are murdered and the method in which they do so. One has a very specific type of crime and another has a crime of passion yet they both grew from like homes and have similar mindsets. Mass murderers and serial killers come from families that are often dysfunctional, abusive and with an absent father figure. “Most of the time they are white men who are divorced or single. Their issues stem from the lack of a father figure that works its way into their adult relationships” (Harper, D. (2006). As children, they are often bedwetters, fire starters and animal abusers. “The "Homicide Triad", which is the traits of a serial killer when they are a child, is the key factor in the development of serial killers. The "Homicide Triad" that includes bed-wetting, arson and animal torture as a child, is one of the most common tra... ... middle of paper ... ...e very few friends or ties to their community.” (Bonn, S. 2015). They are usually paranoid individuals focused on revenge and anger. Serial killers plan and plot for a long time over the perfect crime. “The classic definition of serial murder thus requires a temporal separation between killing incidents which is variably described as a cooling off period or emotional cooling off period.” (Bonn, S. 2015). They are highly intelligent and like to play games with the police to avoid being caught. “Studies have shown that 84% are Caucasian, 90% are males, and 89% of the victims are white.” (Bonn, S. 2015). Despite their differences and similarities one thing is absolute about them both; both kinds of murderers are absolutely depraved and the victims are the ones that suffer the most. While fascinating, one needs to remember that both types of crimes are just that, crimes.

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