Serial Killers

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The topic I chose for my research paper is serial killers. More specifically, are serial killers born or made? I believe serial killers are made. A serial killer is a person who commits a series of murders, often with no apparent motive and typically following a characteristic, predictable behavior pattern. Most cases of serial killers are form those who were born in a domestic abuse situation. However, there are plenty of cases of serial killers who lived in a healthy, loving, and stable home. Most serial killers are psychopaths. Psychopathic tendencies are discovered in children at a young age. It is believed that future murders start off by mutilating animals or performing their killing and sexual fantasies on animals. An example of this is H.H Holmes. H.H Holmes was born in Gilmanton, New Hampshire in 1861 and was considered one of America’s first serial killers. Born into a wealthy family, Holmes had access to extensive medical supplies due to the wealth in his family. The accesses to these supplies prompted Holmes to begin experimenting on his fantasies with animals. He began performing surgeries and mutilations on any animal he can get his hands on. These surgeries and mutilations are what he based his future murders on. In 1886, Holmes purchased an old pharmacy and turned it into his “Murder Castle. This “Murder Castle” became the main stage for his for his torments. In this “Castle” Holmes is believed to have killed woman who were believed to be his fiancés. His victimology where blonde, young, and petite women. Many believed that these women were surrogates for his mother, who he loved dearly. In this “Murder Castle” Holmes practiced many forms of torture such as, surgical mutilation, asphyxiation, and disembodiment. ... ... middle of paper ... .... In this case Adam’s upbringing played a role in him becoming a serial killer but the main cause was his weak mental constitution. ( Many believe that serial killers are made from the society and the condition in which they grew up in. Although this is the case for some, most serial killers are born and showcase psychopathic tendencies at an early age. I firmly believe that serial killers are born and even though there are cases in which the upbringing influenced the murders, the psychopathic tendencies that these individuals are born with are the most dominant factor. For example, in the case of H.H. Holmes, he grew up in a healthy, loving and stable home and even with the stable background he still killed at the very least killed a hundred women. Which made him become one Americas most notorious serial killers.

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