Serial Killers

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The study of a serial killer’s early life is important as it helps us understand why or how serial killers choose their violent path. Trying to understand if serial killers become murderous through their upbringing environment or if serial killers are born with predetermined genes that can assist in identifying the murderous characteristics within them. There are two types of serial killers, those who kill on impulse and desire and those who kill out of anger and revenge. It is extremely important to discuss and explore the genetic makeup and early lives of serial killers. Through research on physiology behaviour and characteristics, there is evidence that shows serial killer’s are made and not born. One of the reason behind why serial killer commits a crime and kills someone is because they have had a traumatic experience in their childhood for example, physical or sexual abuse and abandonment issues. According to a recent study, which analyses the brains of serial killers, shows that they all share similar brain changes. Most serial killer have reduced activity in the prefrontal cortex, which is the area of the brain that controls emotional impulses and also the over activation of the amygdala, the area which generates emotions.The study shows that serial killer brains, makes them vulnerable to rage and anger as they can not control themselves The statement serial killers are made and not born is reliable, due to a variety of studies, that indicate traumatic experience typically common behaviours found in serial killers. According to psychiatrist and scientist serial killers are in fact made and not born, study shows serial killers are made from a mixture of traumatic abuse, neurological damage and psychiatric illness Stat... ... middle of paper ... insight as to why society is drawn to darkness by serial killers. Whilst society looks down upon serial killers they tend to still be a fascination to the public, rather then seeing serial killers as murderous human beings they are portrayed as “idols”. Creating fiction and true story movies, based of the lives of real life serial killers, For example like, Aileen Wuornos, Charles Manson, Jeffrey Dahmer and Ted Bundy all had movies, showing their story. Whilst most obsessions over serial killers are harmless and normal, in rare occasion there can become ‘Copycat killers’ Copycat killers turn a obsession over a serial killers into a whole new level, recreating murders or suicides that had taken place in the past by a serial killer, which results in similar or the same outcome. In 1916 was the first act of a copycat killer which was inspired by Jack the Ripper.

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