Serial Killer Jeffrey Dahmer

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Jeffrey Dahmer was born in Milwaukee on the 21st of May, 1960, to Lionel and Joyce Dahmer. From a very young age Jeffrey was a normal young boy who showed no signs of any mental problems. At a very young age Jeffrey began to develop an interest in dead animals when his father found a number of dead animal bones while sweeping under the house. This didn’t affect the way he behaved until when he started going to preschool. Whilst attending preschool Jeffrey was seen as a very shy boy, at the same time his interest in animals began to grow. When Jeffrey was four years old his father found some dead animal bones under the house and Jeffrey enjoyed playing with them and breaking them into pieces. This became an exciting experience to him where at one point he helped his father nurse an owl. Jeffrey’s father worked long hours which resulted in him being absent most of Jeffrey’s childhood. This is when he began to show a change in his behavior, being shy and avoiding taking part in activities which children of his age enjoyed. Jeffrey had to had surgery done when he was six years old, and when he woke up he was worried someone had cut of his genitals and the pain lasted for one week. When Jeffrey recovered from the surgery he began to isolate himself and became a loner. When he began school his teachers were very concerned that he showed no interest in his school work and he was very shy. With his father working long hours and his mother suffering from serious psychological problems Jeffrey didn’t have a parental figure to guide him. For a normal child he didn’t show any facial expressions when he is happy or sad, where according to (Miller, Vandome and McBrewster, 2009) he remained motionless up to his death. Jeffrey was always quie... ... middle of paper ... ...nfluenced by the individual’s state of mind. Jeffrey was never close to any of his parents and felt rejected by society which made him feel unwanted in society. He felt more rejected in life throughout primary school and high school where he didn’t have any friends or have a social life besides paying people to come to his apartment which influenced him to begin to drink heavily. According to the social control theory If Jeffrey had made friends in school or when he joined the army or any close relationships this would have prevented him from committing all those crimes. When his victim would try to leave he would strike them and prevent them from leaving as the loneliness and fear of rejection grew. At a young age Jeffrey satisfied his inner self from the loneliness by disfiguring dead animals which he later on carried on by disfiguring the corpse of his victims.
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