Separation of Church and State is Necessary for Freedom of Choice

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Separation of Church and State is Necessary for Freedom of Choice We in America have the right to be free, so why not listen to the words of Thomas Jefferson and build a “wall of separation between church and state?” The wall of separation was Jefferson’s interpretation of the first amendment; however, the idea was actually founder of Rhode Island Roger Williams’. Jefferson’s belief was that religion was a personal relationship strictly between a man and his God and the government should not be allowed to restrict anyone from practicing their religion. With so many different religions in the United States, church and state must be separated to a certain extent because a close relationship between church and state puts constraints on the freedom of other religions. To begin with, creationism is a great example of an ongoing religious conflict which has caused a lot of discussion. It is a lesson that all students should learn, whether in public school or private. The main concern is how teachers can teach creationism without crossing religious boundaries. Anderson addresses the importance of teaching creationism: Considerable care and effort are needed to help students understand the difference between the methodology of science, with its naturalistic operational assumptions, and the naturalism as a worldview. (Anderson 89)Schools should not neglect teaching creationism when students are able to benefit from being informed about both beliefs of evolution and creationism. It is relevant as long as religious views are not infringed upon them. Furthermore, school vouchers are unconstitutional and public funds should not be used to fund any kind of religious organization. Back in 1971 was the first time that the Sup... ... middle of paper ... ...igious beliefs do affect the opinion of many voters. In conclusion, the separation of church and state remains a controversial issue. It is evident that church and state should be separate in some cases, such as in public schools and politics. Public schools are responsible for exposing students to diversity. Without the separation of church and state it would be practically impossible. Separation of church and state guarantees choice. Works Cited * Anderson, Ronald D. “Religion and Spirituality in the Public School Curriculum.” New York. Peter Lang Publishing. 2004. * Davis, Derek H. “The Separation of Church and State Defended.” Texas. 1995. * Doerr, Edd. “Gathering Storms.” The Humanist. Volume 64, number 6. Washington.American Humanist Association. November/December. 34-35. * Maddox, Robert L. “Separation of Church and State.” New York. 1987.

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