Separation Of Mixtures

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Karina Akunova BC 21 Coursework 5
1.Describe three different techniques which can be used to separate two component mixtures e.g. of water soluble dyes, an insoluble solid from a liquid and a mixture of two different amino acids.
The matter around us can be divided into pure substances and mixtures. Pure substances consist of one type of molecule, whereas mixtures contain different kinds of molecules. Mixtures can be separated into their components using different separation techniques, which depend on the properties of substances in the mixture. We apply this methods in different areas in the real world, for example, low-fat milk is created by separating most of the fat from a mixture of sugar,water,fat,protein,vitamins,calcium and some other components.One more example is dividing a crude oil into its constituents: some of them are needed to make gasoline, others are used
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Simple distillation is used in separation of two miscible liquids which do not decompose when boil, meaning they don’t break down, and which have very different boiling points.A liquid is heated till reaching its boiling point, the the vapor produced goes to another, cold part of the apparatus through the water condenser and is condensed into container.The liquid is collected into receiver through the vacuum adapter.Fractional distillation is used to separate mixtures of two or more miscible liquids with difference of less than 25K in boiling points.The only difference between the apparatuses for fractional distillation and simple one is that in fractional the fractionating column is located between the distillation flask and condenser.Glass beads, which give a surface for vapors to cool and condense are packed in a tube called the simple fractionating column.The liquid with a lower boiling point first passes through the fractionating column(Amrita University & CDAC Mumbai
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