Separation, By Gregory Corso's 'Important Marriage'

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“Important Marriage?”

Why is marriage so important? Just a requirement that we must fulfill as human beings or something that goes beyond this? It is constantly awesome to find out how society puts pressure on young people, particularly women, to look for a partner and married. When a woman gets to a certain age, is much more prevalent than she was married, otherwise it will look to society as a spinster and maybe the shame of society and the kinsfolk. When we are reading in "Separating" written by John Updike, where you can experience the separation, suffering for the family Maples, facing a “mid-life crisis”. This, like other crises and attacks receiving marriages, should suffice to strengthen unions, only most of the time, but sometimes,
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Equally, we know if we are not old enough? How can we guarantee to have a good marriage? It appears that the solution to these interrogations may be on the readings cited above, especially in the poem "Marriage" written by Gregory Corso, The speaker is thinking about his future and the possibility of him getting married. He tries to set all the positive and negative situations, to solve the dilemma to marry or not. This poem, who also stresses to be curious, and when exposed all negative situations of a process of marriage, for this reason when we read Updike on "Separating" this allows us to understand the poem of Corso: "Marriage", because seeing the separation of Maple 's in the first reading, we can understand all the questions and doubts raised in the second reading; especially when trying to define love, or when you ask if you have a good marriage and also when specify does not want to…show more content…
According to the University of Rochester, Denver and Pittsburgh, shows many different ways that emotional family transitions affect childhood behavior ; this can be seen when reading "Separating" after Richard tells John about the separation, John explained, "It 's not the separation, it 's the whole crummy year, I hate that school, you can 't make friends, the history teacher 's a scud."(422) the affected child, trying to hide his pain by learning of the separation of its two parents, and what is worse, trying to not let notice it by Richard and do not feel guilty about "destroy his life," I think nothing more painful than having a pain and not show it. This part makes us understand Corso 's poem, saying: “But I should get married I should be good” (441) this phrase sums up the hope of everyone who gets married, hoping that marriage is good; But above all, having no hopes of harming to others. It is imperative to Corso, who somehow was not warranted the suffering, and less if they are our
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