Separation And Freedom In Malcolm X, By Alex Haley

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The book, Malcolm X as told to Alex Haley, tells the story of an African American who lived in America, where the society has been become a supremacy by the white man and shows how that African society has been oppressed like the other races such as the asians, caucasian, mexican but not as prominent like the African Americans population and that there has been movements to change the society as a whole but the movement has not been resolved which leads to civil unrest and systemic oppression until the one man, who brought the truth and sought change for the society in America and led to nationwide concern for them. This book, this one story is a tale of his life. Within the book, Malcolm X, there are key ideas such as systemic oppression,…show more content…
“ as i know now that some white people are truly sincere, that some truly are capable of being brotherly towards a black man.” (Malcolm X, pg 369). Malcolm, when had said this, began to question his own past where he would preach of the white man being the so called “devil” which whom justify their superiority by the laws and the bible however, the integration at Mecca came with great respect where everyone is free and that there were no rules violating one 's own rights. “ The problem here in America is that we meet such a small minority of individuals so-called ‘good’, or ‘brotherly’ white people.” (Malcolm X, pg 369). Said by Malcolm that the people in America were a disgrace and that they have been driven by racism unlike the people in Mecca where they all embraces each other under one rule. “but brotherhood between all men, of all nationalities and complexions, who were there.” (Malcolm X, pg 369). As Malcolm has demonstrated that the love and respect was with everyone who believed in the true religion of Islam and that he wanted the people in America to find an end to this racism that everyone had and that every human in America should treat each other with the same respect as he saw in Mecca. “ ‘Yes, I have been convinced that some American whites do want to cure the rampant racism which is on path to destroying this country!” (Malcolm X, pg 369). As Malcolm has manifested that the racism is the obstacle that America is facing and keeping America away from having somewhat of a total respect of all nationalities and an end of the violence during the civil rights

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