Sensori-neural Deafness

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Sensori-neural Deafness Sensori-neural deafness is medically irreversible. It is caused by a

malfunction of the inner ear. So when sounds reach the inner ear, they

go no further. In normal cases the sound will be transmitted to the

brain. The cause of hearing impairment has various forms. Such as, a

fault in the genetic blueprint, if one chromosome from either parent

is damaged. This is the main cause of a child having it before birth.

Deafness can be caused at any stage of life. Birth injury where the

brain or the nerve leading to the brain may get damaged causing an

impairment. Also if the health of the mother is affected during the

pregnancy. It may lead on to problems such as hearing impairment to

the child. Also premature births, a risk of Jaundice, when the liver

has not yet developed or is damaged. This can cause impairments also.

Children can injury their cochlea causing damage. Injury like this due

to loud noise for a long time. Also if there is fluid on the cochlea.

This will result in sensori-neural deafness.

Treatment of sensori-neural deafness is medically irreversible. So

aids have to be used. There are three types of aids to help people

hear well. The most common aid is the post-aural hearing aid. It comes

in all different sizes so a small baby to an elderly person could wear

it. It fits behind the ear and is nearly unseen. The smaller aid-in

the ear hearing aid is very small. This cannot be seen unless

indicated. This is normally used in teenagers and adults. It would be

easily lost. So I would not think the health boards would think it was


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...l expression will be a vital part in

communication. It would be a good idea for her family to learn to


Lisa would need to get a proper hearing aid, which may cost the family

money. The family may get funds for this from Local Education

Authorities (LEA). Lisa will work with a specialist called an

Audiologist to measure the hearing problem. When Lisa is doing

activities, she will have a key worker at nursery, this will enable

her to reach her full potential. They will co-ordinate all aspects of

her development. There are different groups and clubs Lisa could join.

These could be especially for hearing impairments or for children who

need special education. Such as blindness, visually impairment ect. So

they get some extra help. These groups will be able to look at the

holistic approach to Lisa's development.
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